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Poster: sanaka Date: Feb 24, 2005 1:16am
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Alphabetic search

Why is alpabetic indexing removed from the million books project? Cannot browse books by the alphabet any more. The "browse collection" does not show books in any alphabetic order. A search for "Panchatantram" in any field using advanced search results in two hits. One of the hits is a bad link. What is happening? Browse doesn't work; search hits are bad links.

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Poster: molly Date: Mar 3, 2005 7:23am
Forum: millionbooks Subject: Re: Alphabetic search

Last month we moved the books over to a beta cluster in our data center, and some services have not been recreated yet. One of those is browsing alphabetically. Some of the books did not have proper XML, and can't be displayed within the new system. We are working on a way to fix all of the issues this transfer caused!